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Management & Organizational Structure

Charon Griffin & Partners has a simple but efficient structure.

Charon Griffin Financial Management Sarl has two roles; first and foremost it acts as manager on behalf of its clients in the numerous Holding Companies. It is also Charon Griffin & Partners’ investment company in the Holdings. 

Unless the Private Investors prefer us not to participate in a particular Holding, we generally participate for 10% or more. This means our interests are aligned with that of our clients, “we put our money where our mouth is” and it creates liquidity in case a Private Investor wishes to divest. 

charon griffin financial company

Our Partners have offices around the globe

Charon Griffin Financial Management Sarl might delegate its management role to a local partner in some cases where this serves a particular Holding Company’s best interest. 

They serve our clients locally, have a superior insight in their regional markets and opportunities and can quickly step in physically to assist the businesses we invest in when needed or requested 

 They also ensure proper local governance and maintain relationships with the authorities  in the jurisdictions of the Holdings.

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