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Private Equity  

Private Equity 

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Private Equity and Venture Capital are the main drivers of long-term economic growth. That’s why Charon Griffin & Partners focusses on managing private investments in promising and growing companies. From new ventures to maturing businesses. But without hindering the entrepreneurial spirits, their creativity or power over their day-to-day processes. This creates superior opportunities for high returns for both the investors and the companies. Typically, we invest in between 5% and 40% of the share capital as private equity and venture capital.

To do so, we set up Holding Companies for private investors, of any size, to participate in. This way we can pool individual capital to make significant investments, while limiting and spreading the risk. But we are not an investment fund! All investors are direct shareholders of a holding company and thereby indirect shareholders of the businesses we invest in. And to put our money where our mouth is, Charon Griffin & Partners always aims to participate for at least 10% as well!


We offer several types investments opportunities,

from specific markets to diversified portfolios and ranging in risk profiles. We also set-up structures fully custom-fit to your needs and preferences. You can read more clicking below.

Investment OpportunitiesInvestment Opportunities

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